Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is our primary service offering. The focus can be on road, mountain, or both.

We believe in the value of personalized training and consider every aspect of the athlete in our approach. As coaches, we create purpose-built training plans that include structured workouts to maximize results. We use modern techniques based on strategic implementation of training phases (periodization) to build strength and endurance to meet athletes’ goals. We emphasize skills and technique to improve bike handling and technical competency. We also focus on mental attitude and state of mind as it pertains to athletic life. With personal coaching, the methods are designed for the individual.

How it works

At its core, personal coaching takes the guesswork out of meeting your goals. Whether you’re preparing for your first century, planning a season of racing, or getting in shape for an epic adventure- personal coaching provides insights, inspiration, and straightforward instruction on the “when, where, and how” of training.

The foundation of personal coaching is an individualized training plan that is tailored to your needs as a cyclist. Every month your coach builds your program from scratch using information from your self-assessment, field test, training log, and feedback. With personal coaching, your coach is an active partner in your cycling success.

Coaching programs come in 4-week training blocks. A cycling computer with cadence, heart rate monitor, and indoor trainer/rollers are recommended to get started. Power meter encouraged. Depending on your preferences, we integrate with online training platforms such as Training Peaks and My Fitness Pal in order to paint a complete picture of you as an athlete.

You tell your coach how much time you have to train and what you want out of raining and racing. Then your coach goes to work to design a program that is do-able, fun, and ultimately successful.

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Personal coaching includes:
  • Athlete onboarding with goal and history analysis.
  • Personalized schedules written in 4-weeks blocks.
  • Structured workouts with detailed instructions, including drills to improve form.
  • Field-test analysis to show progress over time.
  • Zone setting for Power and Heart Rate.
  • File review and training log analysis with regular check-ins and feedback.
  • Plan revisions as needed.
  • Guidance on choosing events that are well-suited for you.
  • Information on nutrition, weight loss, strength training, mental training, and yoga (as required).


Coaching is $275 for the first month and $250 month-to-month. A discounted rate of $200 per month is available for commitments 6-months and beyond.

To schedule an interview

Interviews are free and required as part of any new coach/athlete relationship. This allows you to talk to one or both of us to determine which coach is the best fit for you. To set up an interview, send an email to artofcyclingnyc [at] gmail [dot] com and include: your name, location, goals, and what you would most like to improve. Please also indicate if you would like to consult over the phone or in person. We will respond within one business day.