Personal Coaching

"I've been working with Kristen for over three months and her coaching plan has completely changed my cycling for the better. My FTP is up over 20%, I completed GFNY with energy to spare, and I just got back from cycling the Dolomites - and while I did not "dominate" them by any stretch, I was able to climb more elevation than I ever thought possible. I'm continuing my coaching so that I can continue this amazing trajectory. Thanks Kristen!! You're so good at what you do."
- Kris F., Cape Cod, MA

"Coach Lisa provided a training program that recognized I was a competent 60- year-old rider who can be coached. She tailored my training to build a solid progression which improved my FTP by 15% over a two-month period. My friends were amazed I was able to spin up the 7-miles of Sa Colabra and the continuous 3,000 + feet of 6-10% grade without a falter! Everyone planning a major cycling holiday would benefit from her training program and progressions."
- Michael W., New York, NY

"Lisa delivered a personalized cycling training plan based on my goals to ride longer routes more efficiently and tackle hillier terrain with less effort. I trained in the spring following her training tools and methodology. I can happily report I surpassed my goals, completing early season AZ and CT rides effortlessly. And I topped it off by being able to not just ride the hills of Mallorca, Spain, but enjoy them. Now I have new goals of riding faster. Her frequent communications have been key. Thanks Coach!
- Vero P., New York, NY

"Finding Kristen as a personal coach was one of the smartest moves I've made. When I first met with her, I was impressed by her knowledge and confidence while discussing what we wanted to accomplish together. She believed we could reach my goals and laid out a straightforward plan to do it. I found this to be immensely valuable because it allowed me to focus on the rest of my life, knowing I just had to follow the training plan. Best of all, she acts as a calm reassuring voice at critical times when I encounter challenges or anything unexpected. She makes it seem easy and her plan works. It still seems like magic to me."
- Elizabeth L., New York, NY

Group Coaching

"All of the [mountain bike] riders were raving about the fun they were having! They said what a great day they had, how much they loved the coaching and that they couldn’t wait to ride again. All in, a successful day for sure."
- Olivia Bletiz, Specialized Bicycle Components, Morgan Hill, CA (Outdoorfest/Specialized Women's Trail Day 2017)

"I want to thank you both for all the amazing coaching and inspiration you've given me over the course of the indoor training series this winter. I have learned so much and appreciate all the amazing advice you've given. It has really helped me develop as a cyclist."
- Carol K., Brooklyn, NY (Foundations 1 & 2 + Indoor Climbing Camp)

Yoga for Cyclists

"Yoga for Cyclists was a perfect way to prepare for cycling season. I haven't done much yoga before because cycling has given me some issues with inflexibility, particularly in my hamstrings and hip flexors. I loved taking a class full of other cyclists who had similar muscle structures as me, and from teachers who focused on poses to complement riding a bicycle. Please teach more classes in the future!"
- Blythe A., New York, NY

"Art of Cycling NYC is my go to for a cyclist-focused yoga flow. I find that steady breath and a clear headspace helps me conquer hills. It's wonderful to learn yoga from someone who understands the way cycling can affect the body."
- Karen C., New York, NY

"For me it's been years of cycling and no yoga classes, and I realize how important it is to get back into instruction, especially cycling specific poses. I felt supported with my injuries/limitations and found the instruction inspiring, attentive, and encouraging. And what a fun group of like-minded cyclists!"
- Nicole S., New York, NY

"Thank you for the awesome class! I loved the way you made a newbie like me feel okay with not being able to do advanced moves. I left there feeling taller, more flexible, and with an inner peace. My breathing even right now is still smooth and deep. Thanks again."
- Vero P., New York, NY